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When You Get Cavities Between Your Teeth, They Can Do a Lot of Damage

Posted on 10/15/2018 by Crossroads Family Dental
When You Get Cavities Between Your Teeth, They Can Do a Lot of DamageHaving cavities is never a good thing, but when treated early your teeth can be healthy with proper and regular visits to our office. However, some cavities are worse than others because of where they are located and how much damage they have done to your tooth.

In general, the longer a cavity in your tooth goes untreated the worse it is for your oral health, and the bacteria that is in your mouth can damage that tooth and your gums. Once bacteria find the tiniest hole in your porous teeth, it will fight to get inside and start eating away at the enamel. Cavities between the teeth are particularly dangerous because they are harder to spot with a visual examination.

Why Are Cavities Between Your Teeth So Bad?

The only way to find a cavity between your teeth or an interproximal cavity is with an x-ray which allows our dentist to determine how much decay there is in that tooth. In general, the depth of these cavities is more significant than what is shown in the x-ray.

These cavities usually create more damage to the teeth because of their location and how difficult they are to reach. The decay can also spread to adjacent teeth.

Signs of Interproximal Cavities

Since these cavities are hard to spot during a visual examination and you cannot see in between your teeth, they go undetected until some of these symptoms appear. It is also hard to feel that there is something wrong with the surface of the tooth as you would with a cavity located in a molar, for example.
Cavities between your teeth can be accompanied by tooth sensitivity to hot, cold or sweets and pain in the area.

Please let us know if you have pain between your teeth so we can make a diagnosis and start treatment as soon as possible.
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