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Decreasing How Much Sugar You Consume Can Improve Your Oral Health

Posted on 7/13/2019 by Crossroads Family Dental
Decreasing How Much Sugar You Consume Can Improve Your Oral HealthSugar is bad news when it comes to your teeth. Since childhood, you've probably been told that candy will rot your teeth, and while this isn't entirely true, sugar can contribute to cavities. Fortunately, by decreasing the amount of sugar that you consume, you can improve your oral health.

The Mouth is a Bacteria Breeding Ground

Your mouth is home to many different bacteria types. While some are good and even necessary, others can damage the teeth. Those harmful bacteria love sugar, which they quickly digest as soon as they encounter it. A byproduct of this process is the production of acids, which can remove minerals in the enamel – a process known as demineralization.

Cutting Out Sugary Snacks

You should always think before you grab a sugary snack, as studies have found that cavities are often the result of frequent sweet consumption. Frequent snacking on high-sugar snacks increases the amount of time that your teeth are exposed to acids, which lead to tooth decay. A recent study found that school children who snacked on chips and cookies were four times more likely to have cavities than kids who did not.

Skipping Sugary Beverages

Soft drinks, juice, and energy drinks are all liquid sugar, and combined with high acidity, these drinks are a main cause of decay. A Finnish study found that drinking 1-2 sugary beverages a day was linked to a 31% greater risk of cavities. Additionally, even the occasional sugary drink was connected to a 44% greater risk of losing 1-5 teeth, meaning that cutting back on your sugar intake could help you retain your natural teeth longer.

Do you have questions about how sugar or your diet are affecting your oral health? Let's discuss it at your next dental cleaning and evaluation! Call us today to set one up.
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