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Reduce Dental Anxiety Without the Use of Medication

Posted on 10/15/2019 by Crossroads Family Dental
Reduce Dental Anxiety Without the Use of MedicationDental anxiety is a real thing for a lot of people. A huge part of that anxiety comes from the fact that you are lying down in a vulnerable position with tools that are near your face. Our office's goal is to make you as comfortable as possible while understanding what it is you are afraid of. Here are some strategies that you can practice for your next visit.

Distraction and Relaxation Techniques

One of the most common ways that have been found to relieve stress and anxiety is to distract yourself with something pleasant. What I mean by that is if you have a certain playlist on your phone or iPod, bring it with you to your appointment. Once you are comfortable and seated.

Turn on your music and practice relaxation techniques. Studies have shown that practicing relaxation techniques reduce pain and anxiety levels. As each song is playing on your iPod think about the situation or what that song brought to mind. You'll find as you do this you'll relax further and further throughout the procedure.

Guided Imagery and Deep Breathing

Guided imagery is when you are focusing on a particular soothing environment, maybe it was a hike you went on, a date you recently went on, just a pleasant experience and the test is to try to focus on details that don't immediately come to mind. As you go through the experience, physiologically, you will start to feel better.

An example of this is if you've ever seen somebody tell a story about something exciting, they will physically get excited. The same is true for you in that dentist's chair. If you focus yourself and your thinking on a pleasant experience, your body will respond accordingly.

For your next dental visit, it's important to remember our dentist will also provide you with topical numbing solutions and pain relievers. If you can combine the strategies mentioned above, not only will you have a painless experience, but you will also recreate it into a pleasant experience. Our office is empathetic to your fear and will work with you to make sure you feel safe and secure.
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(219) 440-2950
1314 Eagle Ridge Dr, Schererville IN 46375

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