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Should You Use Toothpicks to Clean Between Your Teeth?

Posted on 12/15/2019 by Crossroads Family Dental
Should You Use Toothpicks to Clean Between Your Teeth?When we eat, it's natural that bits and pieces of food particles can left in the teeth. Most of the time if the particle is big enough, you will feel it.

Therefore, you will experience the urge to remove it. In many such cases, most people will simply reach for the toothpick as a simple solution for this problem. Many of the times, this would work and bring about a sense of relief. However, due to the size and shape of the toothpick, you risk causing harm to yourself.

Why Food Gets Stuck

Due to the way our teeth are, there are some gaps in between the teeth. When you bite down on something or chew, you find that there are pieces that are left in between the teeth. For people who have even smaller spaces in between their teeth, the problem is worse because the food particles are then held in place much more strongly.

If we leave these pieces of food there, they are often slowly broken down by bacteria in the mouth and become acidic which then causes cavities. Also, when someone has had some dental work done on them such as installing fillings, they can be improperly shaped or broken down causing the food particles to be lodged in these spaces.

Using the toothpick might offer some immediate relief from the discomfort of having some particles stuck in between the teeth, but they shouldn't be used regularly. The best option in such a scenario would be to use dental floss. Even when you do manage to remove the stuck piece of food, you should always ensure that you floss when you get the chance.

Toothpicks aren't quite recommended for removing foreign objects from the teeth because they are very sharp. This means that when trying to reach the particle, you might accidentally puncture the gum. When this happens, you offer the bacteria in the mouth direct access to your bloodstream and getting an infection becomes that much more likely.

Additionally, the piece of wood might break as you try to remove the piece that's stuck in between the teeth causing additional issues. As such, always try to use dental floss whenever the need arises. You'll get rid of the stuck objects without placing yourself in danger.
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