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Digital X-rays in Schererville, INYour mouth is complex, made up of numerous structures. Many of these structures, including your teeth, your gums, and other soft tissues in the mouth, can be seen with the naked eye. There are also several structures that we cannot see, such as the roots of the teeth and the jawbone. To provide you with the best dental care possible, we at Crossroads Family Dental need to have a full picture of the interior of your mouth. We can get this picture with the help of digital X-rays.

Why are X-Rays Important?

X-rays are an important part of helping you to maintain optimal oral health. They enable us to see every structure in your mouth and give us a complete look into the condition of your mouth. X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool, helping us to spot certain health issues and create a customized treatment plan to meet your specific needs. X-rays show us everything hidden under the gum line. We can see damaged roots, fractured bones, abscesses, bone loss and more. They can also be used to monitor the progress of your healing following procedures.

The Issue with Traditional X-Rays

Traditional X-rays rely heavily on radiation to capture images. This can make patients nervous. As a result, they avoid getting X-rays done. It may not seem like a big deal, but avoiding X-rays means that oral health issues in their early stages can go undiagnosed until they have progressed and require more invasive treatments.

Traditional X-rays are also very time-consuming. After the images are taken, the film needs to be taken to a dark room to develop, leaving patients alone for long periods of time. This eats into valuable appointment time, leaving very little time for explanations, discussions of treatment options, and answering questions.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are a technological improvement over traditional X-rays. Instead of radiation, digital X-rays rely on electronics to capture your images. We place an electronic sensor, which is attached to a computer monitor, into your mouth. With the click of a button, images are captured. There is no need ever to leave the room as the images do not need to be developed. They show up almost immediately on the monitor.

The Many Benefits of Digital X-Rays

There are several benefits associated with digital X-rays:
•  It takes very little time to take your images.
•  Your X-rays show up almost immediately on the computer monitor. There is no need to leave the room.
•  We can manipulate the images in a variety of ways, including zooming in and enhancing and changing the images from black and white to color. This helps us to make a more accurate diagnosis.
•  You can see exactly what we see.
•  Because we do not have to spend time developing your images, we can make the most out of your appointment. We can take the time necessary to help you understand the images, the treatments we are recommending, and answering your questions.
•  Digital X-rays use electronics to capture your images. Your exposure to radiation is reduced up to 95%.

With digital X-rays, we can see all of the structures in your mouth. This helps us to get a complete picture of your oral condition and diagnose any issues in their earliest stages. For more information, call Crossroads Family Dental at (219) 865-4095 today.
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