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Dentistry for Children

Orthodontic Checkup

Crossroads Family Dental is committed to providing the best possible care for all members of the family. Dr. Nicholas Berns and the rest of our team love treating our younger patients. We strive to make the experience easy, educational, and rewarding!

Dental problems can begin as early as infancy. Early checkups and professional cleanings are an important part of your child’s oral health. As your child continues to grow, we can monitor the development of their teeth, and keep tooth decay, gum disease, and other common conditions at bay. Preventive dentistry will provide a strong foundation that follows them into adulthood, and leads to a lifetime of healthy teeth!

The Importance of Dentistry for Children

Primary (baby) teeth are critically important to the future health of your child’s permanent teeth. Primary teeth that experience decay and other dental diseases can lead to significant complications for the future of your child’s oral health. Tooth decay can occur as soon as your child’s first tooth comes in and could mean a higher risk of decay in the permanent teeth. If a primary tooth is lost too early, the risk of spacing complications greatly increases. The remaining primary teeth will shift and crowd together to compensate for the open space and leave little or no room for the permanent tooth to come in. This can cause impacted or crooked adult teeth.

Proper cleaning practices are crucial during infancy. Be sure to clean their gums with a wet, sterile cloth or gauze pad. As soon as the teeth begin to come in, use an appropriately sized toothbrush to gently clean them and to get your child used to a twice-daily brushing routine. Never put an infant to bed with a bottle that contains anything other than water. This can lead to a serious condition known as baby bottle tooth decay.

Regular checkups and professional cleanings will help us remove bacteria and plaque build-up form the surface of their teeth. Preventing the growth of bacteria and plaque can save your child from tooth decay and gum disease.

Your Child’s First Visit

Unless you observe any signs of dental issues (black spots on the teeth, damaged teeth, etc.), We recommend your child be seen by our team at Crossroads Family Dental at age 3. The first visit is typically a quick, observational, and educational appointment. Dr. Nicholas Berns will perform an oral exam to check for initial signs of decay, look for potential problems with the gums or jaw, and examine your child’s bite. We will also review the oral health care essentials and answer any questions you may have. In general, we tend to discuss:
• Proper oral hygiene practices.
• Proper nutrition, and oral habits such as thumb sucking, lip sucking, etc.
• Fluoride treatment.
• Teething.
• Developmental stages.
• The length of time between appointments.

Positive Office Visits

We know that some children can have fears or anxiety associated with a dental appointment. For toddlers and young children, we have several tips to ensure a positive office visit.
• If you are nervous about the trip, the less you say, the better. Children can pick up on your
anxieties. Try to stay positive!
• Try to schedule the appointment during the morning when children tend to be rested, fed, and
• Never use an office visit as a treat or punishment.
• Never bribe your child to go to the dentist.
• Keep the experience positive by turning it into a game or adventure. Singing a song can also keep
spirits high, but be forewarned that Dr. Berns will likely join in if you bring your song into the office!

Schedule Your Child’s Visit Today!

Learn more about your child’s oral health! Call 219-865-4095 and schedule your child’s visit today!

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