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Teeth Veneers


Veneers before image from Crossroads Family Dental located in Schererville Indiana


Veneers after image from Crossroads Family Dental located in Schererville Indiana

Your teeth are a crucial feature of your mouth. They perform a variety of important functions from
allowing you to bite and chew your food to controlling airflow when you speak. They are also an
integral component of a beautiful, confident smile. Any imperfection, even the most minor flaws, can
impact the appearance of teeth, and your smile's appearance, both of which can diminish your
confidence. If you have minor imperfections in your teeth, Crossroads Family Dental can give you
back your beautiful smile with porcelain veneers. Cosmetic Dental is a speciality at Crossroads.

What are veneers?

Minor imperfections in visible teeth can have a serious impact on the beauty of your smile (and turn even the most confident person self-conscious). Veneers are thin dental restorations that are designed to cover the front of the affected tooth, effectively covering over these imperfections. They can completely transform an imperfect tooth, giving you back your smile and your confidence.

What issues can veneers fix?

Veneers are used to correct a variety of minor dental imperfections:
• Small chips or cracks that affect the enamel layer.
• Gaps between your teeth.
• Slight overlapping of your teeth (that does not affect the health of your mouth or its functions).
• Teeth that are misshapen or smaller than others.
• Tooth discoloration. Some teeth, no matter what type of whitening you use, are not able to achieve
the desired whitening results. In these cases, veneers can be used to give you back your bright white smile.

How are veneers placed?

The placement of veneers requires two separate visits. Upon your first visit, we prepare your teeth for veneers. To do so, we remove a very small amount of the enamel from the front of the affected teeth. This is done to ensure that your veneers fit perfectly in with the rest of your teeth. Once your teeth have been prepared, we then take a precise 3D scan of your mouth. The scan is then sent to our lab, where a local master ceramist artfully creates your new teeth. It usually takes only a few days for your veneers to be ready. You will wear provisional (temporary) veneers while the long term veneers are being fabricated. Sometimes provisional veneers are also used as a “try-in,” allowing you to test drive the new shape and position of your teeth to make sure that you are satisfied with the shape of your new smile. When your final restorations are ready, we check your veneers for fit and bond
them into place.

Why use porcelain?

Veneers are typically made out of composite resin or out of porcelain. Both materials can be made to match the color of your natural teeth. However, at Crossroads Family Dental, our veneers are usually from porcelain. This is for a few different reasons. One reason porcelain is preferred over composite resin is that porcelain is stronger. Another major reason that porcelain is the more popular choice is that this material not only mimics the color of your natural teeth (and can be finished to blend in perfectly), it also mimics the light reflecting properties of enamel. Porcelain provides you with a much more natural finished appearance.

Other benefits of using porcelain for your veneers include:
• Porcelain is more stain resistant.
• It is biocompatible, meaning that it will not irritate your gum tissue.
• It can withstand normal, everyday use, with some limitations.
• The quality of your smile and your confidence are restored.

If you have minor imperfections in your teeth that are affecting the quality of your smile, porcelain veneers may be the answer. Call Crossroads Family Dental today at 219-865-4095 to learn more and schedule your consultation.

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