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Teeth Whitening with the KöR® Whitening System

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had a more confident smile? Do you think you would be willing to smile more throughout the day? How about having a bigger, brighter smile in your pictures? 

At Crossroads Family Dental, we provide cosmetic dentistry services to help give you that confident smile. Specifically, our professional teeth whitening services stand out from the rest. Using the KöR® Whitening System, our dental patients can be assured that they are getting the best professional teeth whitening on the market. KöR’s unique scientific formulation breaks down stains within the teeth, providing amazing whitening results with greatly reduced tooth sensitivity compared to other products. KöR is perfect for any age (starting at age 14), any case (even tetracycline staining!)

You might be asking yourself, “What are the differences between professional and over the counter teeth whitening?”

Well, don’t let us alarm you, but the differences are shocking!

The cons of using over the counter solutions:

  • Since it is a one-size-fits-all product, there’s no guarantee that it is the right whitening option for you

  • Takes more time to achieve whitening goals

  • Results are typically not long-lasting

  • Exposed gums can become irritated by whitening solution

  • Higher risk of tooth sensitivity

The pros of using professional KöR® Whitening at Crossroads Family Dental:

  • Faster results due to professional strength formula

  • Safe and effective 

  • Long-lasting results 

  • Dental professional supervision

  • Customized, proven results

So now you’re ready to start your own whitening, right? Give us a call at 219-865-4095 to set up your appointment.


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