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Teeth Bonding for a perfect smile

Did you know that the first thing people notice about you is your smile? Teeth bonding could help you achieve that dazzling smile you’ve always wanted. This procedure uses dental composites to either hide or eliminate minor imperfections in your teeth. 

This material adapts seamlessly to your existing tooth and is shade matched to your surrounding teeth.  So how is the procedure done? 

The damaged area or areas to be improved are roughened and cleaned. A dental adhesive is used to bond the composite resin to the tooth. The expertly layered and sculpted composite is then set using a special light before being polished to a beautiful, natural finish.

This precise procedure typically does not require local anesthesia and is perfect for: 

  • Small chips and cracks 

  • Gaps between your teeth.

  • Small or misshapen teeth (for example, peg teeth).

  • Discoloration (bonding can be used when teeth whitening is not effective for restoring the color of your teeth).

  • Root exposure. If the roots of your teeth have become exposed due to the recession, composite bonding can be used to cover those roots.

Even minor flaws in your teeth can have a major impact on your smile, as well as your confidence. Composite bonding is a simple, 1 visit treatment option that can give you back a smile that you can’t wait to share!  For more information and to find out if composite bonding is right for you, call Crossroads Family Dental at 219-865-4095 today.


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