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What are veneers? Should you consider them?

If you’ve ever wanted to perfect your smile, then veneers might be the solution for you. So, what are veneers? They are thin dental restorations made of either porcelain or dental composite (tooth colored filling material) that are cemented over the front portion of a tooth.  Since the front portion of the tooth is what shows when you smile, veneers allow the dentist to improve your smile by making changes to the color, shape, size, or position of your teeth.  This post will focus on porcelain veneers.     

Covering this affected tooth or teeth brings back your smile and confidence. We can use veneers to correct minor imperfections such as:

  • Small chips or cracks that affect the enamel layer.

  • Gaps between your teeth.

  • Slight overlapping of your teeth (that does not affect the health of your mouth or its functions).

  • Teeth that are misshapen or smaller than others.

  • Tooth discoloration. Some teeth, no matter what type of whitening you use, are not able to achieve the desired whitening results. In these cases, veneers can be used to give you back your bright white smile.

What is involved in getting a veneer (or veneers) placed?  Porcelain veneers typically require two visits with the dentist after the initial scans and planning are completed.      

In the first visit, we prepare the teeth for the veneers by removing a very precise amount of tooth to create room for the veneer.  Once this is completed, we then take a precise 3D scan of your mouth. This scan is sent to our lab where a local master ceramist artfully creates your new teeth.  We then expertly craft provisional veneers and bond them to your teeth.  These provisionals make it so that the teeth are covered while the ceramist is doing their best work and it also allows you a chance to preview your smile since the provisionals are based on how we want the long term veneers to look.    

In the second visit, the provisionals are removed and the porcelain veneers are tried in.  Once the fit and the beauty of the veneers are confirmed, the veneers are bonded into place over the teeth.  The function of the bite on the veneers is checked and everything is polished precisely to complete your smile transformation.  

If you have minor imperfections in your teeth that are affecting the quality of your smile, porcelain veneers may be the answer. Call Crossroads Family Dental today at 219-865-4095 to learn more and schedule your consultation.


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