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The Berns Report

Issue No. 1 | Quarter 1 of 2024

A Resolution You Can Keep!

We’ve all heard the statistics about how long the average American keeps a resolution and it’s not encouraging…but here’s an easy one to keep that you can really be proud of: staying up on your family’s oral health! Coming in for an overdue hygiene visit is a great place to start! I can tell you from years’ of experience that undiagnosed or neglected dental issues can become more complicated (and more costly!) issues very quickly. 

So, please give us a call and set up an appointment with your favorite hygienist today! As an added bonus, you can claim that you kept one of your 2024 resolutions for 6 whole months! Then tell your friends and neighbors about your accomplishment and have them visit us too. Happy 2024 to all of you, our wonderful patients! 

Val Retirement Dinner

In early January, we met as a team (as well as some previous team members) at Cafe Borgia to celebrate the holidays and to acknowledge the career of “Miss” Val Meyer.

After some delightful Italian food and drink the "Golden Scaler" Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Valerie Meyer with gratitude in appreciation of a wonderful career as a dedicated & beloved dental hygienist. The last “Berns Report” spoke more in depth of our love for Val, but mainly I just wanted to share the photo of our evening with her and allow everyone to join in sending her out in style! Thanks again, Val!

Always Learning!

Anyone who has witnessed me “Geek out” while talking about any dental topic knows that I’m truly passionate about my profession. I absolutely love staying up on any new dental technique and crave any opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills to better serve my patients.

In December, I started a 2 part, hands-on course on restorative design. For you non-dental nerds, this means how we get the teeth ready for a new crown or veneer. In a very humbling course, I spent 3 days as some of the best clinicians in the country guided me in improved tooth preparation techniques allowing accuracy of a tenth of a millimeter (that’s really fine detail- trust me!).  

In February, I will be attending the second part of the course which will focus on even more enhanced techniques. These will allow us to provide more comprehensive care here at Crossroads, allowing a straighter, more visually pleasing smile to those who may not want to commit to Orthodontic treatment. I look forward to a lifetime of learning and working with our amazing patients to make confident, healthy smiles!   

Welcome Angie!

I’ve been in the dental field for nearly six years, and I love everything about it. I like helping others and making them feel comfortable about their dental needs.

My free time is a little bit of everything. I like to spend time with my family and go hiking with my husband!

-Angelica Silvestre

Veteran’s Day

On Friday, November 17, 2023 our team and members of the dental community gathered at Crossroads Family Dental in support of our fifth annual Free Dental Care Day for U.S. Veterans. We were honored to give back to 29 service members, providing over $10,700 in free dental treatment. 

I’d like to extend a very special thank you to our CFD team, Dr. Jonathan Burke in Crown Point, Dr. Emily Hansen in Crown Point, and their teams for donating their time and expert care!  


Thank you to Dr. Jay Platt & staff in Schererville, Endodontics, Inc. in Merrillville, Maureen Jones & Patterson Dental, Scott Kirk & Brasseler U.S.A., Starbucks in St. John, Jimmy Johns in Schererville, and Dunkin on U.S. Rte 30 in Dyer for their donation of services, products, and food to support the day.

Thank you to Ryan Flannery, owner of Eleven Seventeen Media for his donation of photography and video editing to capture the special day. Scan the QR code to view the video:

Also, please consider following our office Facebook and Instagram pages to stay informed on other office happenings, dental information, and other fun pictures and events.

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